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Dr. Diana Hill

Four Ways To Help You Build a Better 2024

Put your energy where it matters most.

Dear Reader,

My son has a habit of telling me, “It’s not that deep, Mom.”

When setting goals for the New Year, I’d have to agree. It’s not that deep.

What is “deep”? The inner resources needed to sustain those goals.

On the podcast this week, you’ll learn four practices to develop the inner resources you need to make 2024 better.

1. Stress Better: Stress is part of living a values-driven life. These science-backed mindsets will reduce the wear and tear of stress on your mind and body.

  • Find the purpose: Ask yourself, how does this challenge contribute to my growth or goals?
  • Practice self-acceptance: What aspects of my life can I control, and what can I accept as it is?
  • Set realistic expectations: What is achievable this year, given my current resources and constraints?

2. Reset Your Dopamine Balance: "We are cacti living in a rainforest of dopamine,” according to Stanford psychiatrist Anna Lembke. Get your brain back in balance:

  • Do a dopamine fast: take time off your most addictive substance or behavior.
  • Structure your environment: put time, space, or categorical barriers in place to reduce your access to your addictive substance or behavior.
  • Choose Pain: Reset your dopamine balance with cold plunges, intense exercise, and breathwork.

3. Tend To Your Relationships: We can always do a better job with our relationships.

4. Take Care of Your Health: There is a difference between being “healthy” and caring for your health. We all move in and out of different forms of health over our lifetime.

I know. It’s not that deep.

Many blessings and more good to come.

Diana Hill, PhD

Your psychological flexibility guide

Something to write about:

What inner resources did you develop well in 2023? How do you want to use them in 2024?

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How can we use what we learned in 2023 to navigate 2024 with greater fortitude and flexibility?

Diana shares 4 science-backed tips to improve your new year, including how to stress better, reset your dopamine system, build healthier relationships, and care for your health.

Dr. Diana Hill

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